Tips for a Life After Divorce

Understanding the various reasons for a divorce

It would seem that in the spring the relationship should flourish, but in the conference on the 7th more often there are topics about divorce. Together, the stupid people struggle with guilt and even offer a list of films for rehabilitation. “Divorce” is a word with a lot of meanings. Have you thought about this? And still “divorce” as a deceit, swindle. Also, this word is used in relation to the guard. Sometimes it seems to me that in such semantic games there is a hidden scenario that can be applied to a woman after a divorce. Steps: first, the couple broke up, then she feels deceived, but in the end everything falls into place.

Six reasons for divorce

Divorce is the most often a tragedy in the life of a woman and man. For many years a stereotype has been formed that to be divorced means to be “some kind of not so.” For women who come to a psychologist after a divorce, the main complaints so far are Beavers: I understand that no one will be needed. I can’t overcome the guilt that marriage has broken up. My children will not forgive me. I will not be happy anymore. Why do we talk primarily about women? After all, two people disperse, and two feel bad too? This is true, but, according to statistics, it is the woman who is harder going through a divorce. But she often turns for help, works on the causes of the incident more deeply and recovers faster.

The reasons for the divorce can be listed on the fingers, and here are the main ones:

The couple did not know each other well before marriage, and reality showed their complete psychological incompatibility. It is psychological! People successfully overcome domestic problems, but if one turns out to be apathetic, and the other is a “zinger”, one is optimistic, and the other is always bad, then it comes to a dead end from which many find it difficult to get out.

  • The dependence of one’s spouse, this is one of the most common reasons for divorce now. Fighting addiction and treating it by force is very difficult, many try, but the majority gives up after several unsuccessful attempts. “My hands are falling!” – This is how their condition of a woman is described. Take for example the story of my client. For 20 years she has been struggling with the diseases of her husband. Then came the game in the machines, they were removed.
  • For many women, especially after many years of trying to save a marriage, this is the reason that still prevails and they leave. Sure, they have the right to be happy!
  • Not everyone can forgive or understand it, especially if it is repeated. Here we are talking about both male and female treason.
  • Not everyone wants to believe that “beating – it means love.” Although, in fairness, it must be said that the pattern “hit once, hit again” is not always justified. Situations are different. But to endure violence, no doubt, is not worth it – for your own sake, first of all.
  • Absence of children, often this reason does not allow people to be together. And if the husband is not ready for the children, the wife happens to make the decision to leave.